Pet Sunglasses [various shades]

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Celebrating the SOFT OPENING of my wardrobe, I'd love to send out a FREE pair of sunglass (random color) with every $100+ purchase! Thank you for supporting my small business.

*Free item will be added in your cart automatically when hit >$100


The chicest item in everyone's wardrobe --- A pair of cool shades!

When you wanna strike a pose, a pair of shades!

When you want to hide your feelings but still wanna look cool, a pair of shades!

When you are out and about but the sunshine too bright,  a pair of shades!

Put some shades on for every occasion and every special moment. You are good to go!

*Pet sunglasses lenses come in various reflective colors lenses, multi-color reflective lenses, color see-through lenses, clear lenses. Frames come in black, silver, gold, and rose gold.